Ancient Science: 40 Time-Traveling, World-Exploring, - download pdf or read online

By Jim Wiese

ISBN-10: 0471215953

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Dig into the technological know-how of precedent days and unearth remarkable discoveries!
* have you questioned the place paper comes from, who made the 1st recognized maps, or how the traditional Egyptians have been in a position to construct the pyramids?
* do you want to make your individual sundial, realize how you can notice earthquakes, or discover ways to write in hieroglyphics?
* Are you searching for nice principles in your subsequent technology reasonable venture?

If you responded "Yes" to any of those questions, then historic technological know-how is for you! From Greek lighthouses and Roman bridges to chinese language kites and Mesopotamian cleaning soap, you'll examine the various maximum clinical discoveries and the folk who brought them to the area. Dozens of fun-packed actions assist you see for your self how the earliest people cultivated crops, why tools make various sounds, how fireworks get their explosive energy, and masses extra. all the initiatives are secure and simple to do, and all you would like is daily stuff from round the residence. So step again in time and take an awesome trip with historical technological know-how!

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5. Which way took less force to move the block, lifting it straight up or pulling it up the ramp? More Fun Stuff to Do Try to improve the system using other materials. Is it possible to decrease the force necessary to move the block even more? Explanation It will take less force to pull the block up the ramp than to lift it straight up. In this activity, you used a simple machine, a device that helps people do work more easily, the ramp, to make it easier to move the 35 block to the top of the pile of books.

ANCIENT SCIENCE IN ACTION The diving bell was an early invention to help humans extend their time under water. Divers swam into these submerged bells to get air so they didn’t have to return to the surface for each breath. E. Since then, the diving bell with an air tube running to the surface has been modified into the diving suit. PROJECT 5 Surprise Attraction ou may have noticed that if you rub your hair Ywith an inflated balloon, your hair will be attracted to the balloon. In 600 .

Release the closed end of the tubing that you previously pinched off. What happens? 6. Blow into the tube. What happens to the jar and rock this time? More Fun Stuff to Do Use an aquarium air pump to make the jar and rock move up and down. Design and build other ways to make the jar and weight move up and down. 55 Explanation When you release the closed end of the tubing, the jar and rock sink in the water. When you blow into the tube, the jar and rock rise up in the water and float to the surface.

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