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By Professor Panayiotis Tzamalikos

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This publication provides a ground-breaking exposition of Anaxagoras' legacy to Classical and past due Antiquity, severely assessing Aristotle's distorted illustration of Anaxagoras. Origen, previously a Greek thinker of word, is put within the historical past of philosophy for the 1st time. by means of drawing on his Anaxagorean heritage, and being the 1st to restore the Anaxagorean conception of Logoi, Origen lead the way to Nicaea.

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Kranz collection and Aristotle The collection of Presocratics by Hermann Alexander Diels, and then Walther Kranz, was a conscientious work by industrious and learned men that deserves our respect. However, this is only a compilation of isolated fragments, and it would be precarious to rely on them in order to understand Anaxagoras and several other Presocratics. Fragments having been picked up from various testimonies simply because the name of Anaxagoras is there, is insufficient evidence, which could hardly prove anything with some certainty, and the usual case is that they only give rise to the ongoing confusion.

Anonymous, Scholia in Aristophanem, Scholia in Pacem, verse 606a. Anonymus (third century AD), Ars Rhetorica, 216. The story goes that Pericles caused a war of Athens against Megara in order to escape prosecution. Plutarch insisted that all of this was but slander. Plutarch, Pericles, 31. 2‒3: ψήφισμα Διοπείθης ἔγραψεν εἰσαγγέλλεσθαι τοὺς τὰ θεῖα μὴ νομίζοντας ἢ λόγους περὶ τῶν μεταρσίων διδάσκοντας, ἀπερειδόμενος εἰς Περικλέα δι᾿ ᾿Aναξαγόρου τὴν ὑπόνοιαν.  Probably the father of comic Menander.

In general, the almost universal modern attitude is that Simplicius essayed to represent Anaxagoras through his Neoplatonist lenses, hence his analysis is dismissed out of hand. No room is made for some suspicion that the charge of misrepresentation should be laid at the door of Aristotle rather than of Simplicius. Now, were it for the relevant passage of Aristotle not to have survived and for us to know of his contradiction only from Simplicius’ comments on that, the same modern attitude by the same token would have been all too quick to argue that Simplicius strove to misrepresent also Aristotle as a ‘Neoplatonist’.

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