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By James C. Hsiung

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This can be a examine of the political parameters of foreign legislations and, conversely, the law's relevance and achieve in overseas politics. on the theoretical point, it bridges the competing dominant paradigms - neorealism and neoliberalism - within the modern IR literature.

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9. Critics might counter that the "regimes" school does address regime change. My reply is that ( 1 ) the regimes advocates are at best Neorealists of a revi­ sionist variation; many are better classified as Neoliperal Institutionalists; and (2) the kind of change entertained by the regimes advocates in "regime change" are rather narrowly conceived and are unrelated to changes in systemic power realign­ ment. ), for example, defines regime change as "change . . " 2 THE SECURITY DILEMMA AND INTERNATIONAL LAW The Security Dilemma and the Arms Race In conditions of anarchy, states must rely on themselves to protect their own security and independence.

Examples of the security dilemma go back to the Peloponnesian War. r hucydides (Hinley, 1 95 1 ) , the real cause of the Peloponnesian War was t e rise of the power of Athens and the fear this evoked in the Spartans �d their allies. In explaining British policy on naval disarmament in the interwar period ( 1 9 1 8-1 939) to the Japanese, Ramsey MacDonald said that "nobody wanted Japan to be insecure . " But the problem was not with British desires but with the consequences of British policy, which was a forni of self-help called for under conditions of anarchy (Jervis 1 978, 1 70).

For one thing, the regimes lit­ erature makes a distinction between what is and is not a regime. All ad hoc, one-shot arrangements, based on short-term calculations, are not consid­ ered regimes (Krasner 1 982, 1 87). This recalls our discussion in Chapter 1 about a state practice growing out of political expediency, as contrasted to a practice accepted as custom with the force of law (Asylum case). Second, international law shares a liberal-institutionalist assumption with interna­ tional regimes, that the norms of conduct, created because of their per­ ceived instrumental values , represent the will of an evolving community transcending interstate conflict.

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