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By Lynn M. Stone

ISBN-10: 1595152903

ISBN-13: 9781595152909

Kids are proven colour photos and narrative approximately those canines of their normal Alaskan atmosphere.

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40–41), herding (pp. 42–43), guarding (pp. 44–45), and sport (pp. 46–47), has been a long, slow process that has continued over more than 5,000 years. However, most of the dogs in the world are still mongrels, or crossbred dogs. These are dogs that have interbred with each other at random, as opposed to purebred dogs (pp. 48–59), which are dogs of the same breed that have been selectively bred by humans. It is possible for all 400 breeds of dogs in the world SITTING DOG to interbreed, because they are all descended from the wolf This mongrel is eagerly (pp.

54–55), and watched as the animal used for advertising Camembert cheese. was torn to death by the dogs. Although these inhumane activities are now illegal, they are still practiced in some places. Dogs like to compete with each other, however, and there are many sports that are not as cruel. The large number of different breeds of sight hounds (pp. 14–15) have all been developed for coursing, or chasing after, fast-running prey such as hares. They were often used – together with birds of prey – in the sport of falconry.

These small dogs were a cross between several nowextinct breeds and varied much in appearance and size. S. and Canada the Jack Russell is still not recognized as an official breed for showing. Coat can be long and roughhaired, or short and smoothhaired Jack Russell terriers Streamlined body and short-haired coat make a dog built for speed Thomas Bewick’s (pp. 42–43) engraving of an old-fashioned lurcher IN THE LURCH The lurcher was originally a crossbreed (pp. 60–61) between a greyhound and a terrier; its patience, intelligence, speed, and fighting ability made it a perfect dog for a poacher (pp.

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