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By Diane Therese Putney

ISBN-10: 0160732999

ISBN-13: 9780160732997

This finished reputable historical past probes the little-known tale of the way the Gulf struggle air crusade plan got here to fruition. in keeping with archival documentation and interviews with usa Air strength planners, it takes the reader into the making plans cells the place the tricky paintings of establishing an air crusade plan was once comprehensive on an around-the-clock foundation. It additionally locations the complexities of the making plans technique in the context of coalition pursuits within the Gulf conflict.

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S. embassy employees, say, and the President wanted to retaliate, Central Command had little to offer short of a nuclear strike on Baghdad. I would never have recommended such a course of action, and even if I had, I am certain the President would never have approved it. 9 The vice chief recollected, “my reaction was, ‘I know exactly what he is talking about. ’”10 Maj. Gen. R. Minter Alexander was the director of plans at Air Force headquarters, and the cell he had told Loh about was under the direction of the deputy director for warfighting concepts, Col.

On August 1, Maj. Gen. Burton R. Moore, USAF, the CENTCOM J–3, accompanied Schwarzkopf to the meeting at 1400 in the Tank, the formal JCS briefing room. The CJCS had not requested that any of the component commanders attend, so Horner remained at Shaw AFB. When Moore first heard about the briefing requirement, he wrote in his notes that the CINCCENT would discuss surgical strikes and full-scale strikes. He recorded that Schwarzkopf wanted his staff to expand the CENTCOM retaliatory strike list to include more military targets, that is, facilities directly related to the deployment and sustainment of armed forces, as opposed to economic and political targets.

Grant A. 98 Camp David Meeting, August 4, 1990 At 0830 the President convened his meeting. In attendance in the large conference room were Schwarzkopf, Horner, and Sharp from CENTCOM; Secretary Cheney; Under Secretary Wolfowitz; Chairman Powell; Brent Scowcroft; William Webster; James Danforth “Dan” Quayle, vice president; Secretary Baker; John H. Sununu, chief of staff; Richard Haass, special assistant for Middle Eastern affairs; Marlin Fitzwater, press secretary; General Kelly, Joint Staff J–3; and Capt.

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