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There is no way of finding out whether the change was in duration or in luminance. However, as our experimental variation of this stimulus was in the luminance and also, as the observed change is analogous to the change in its luminance, it would be better to refer to it as the change in the effective luminance of the red stimulus. Finally, the implication of Fig. 8. may be considered. e. to keep it at its threshold) under various values of the white stimulus, we should increase or decrease the light energy involved in the red stimulus* in direct proportion to the values of the white stimulus.

42 S. AIBA DISCUSSION The effect of the white stimulus as determined by the "threshold" luminance of the stimulus was what one be expects red from the Bunsen-Roscoe law. This law, which was originally formulated to explain a purely physicochemical phenomenon, was first applied to sensory data in the field of threshold measurements (Bloch, 1885; Hartline, 1934; Graham andMargaria, 1935, and Karn, 1936). Since then, it has been tried on various psychophysical data and has been generally proved to hold true in spite of different situations in which they were obtained; it has been shown to hold for incremental threshold by Graham and Kemp (1938), Bouman (1952) Herrick (1956), Biersdorf (1955) and Barlow (1958) and also for acuity by Hunter and Stigler (1940).

Any one of the 4 36 S. AIBA luminances in conjunction with the 11 durations was generally studied on a single day. Another session for testing exactly the same conditions (a replication) took place some days later. (3) Subjects Altogether 4 subjects were used in the present investigation. ). A's results. A. was a research psychologist, but the other 3 were all in non-psychological occupations and had no previous experience of being subjects in psychological experiments. None had gross anomalies in vision and all had a visual acuity of 6/9 or better as tested by a Snellen chart.

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