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By Mary Ellen Waithe (auth.), Mary Ellen Waithe (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9789400934979

`It is an exceptionally vital publication which brings jointly in a single textual content contributions of ladies philosophers in old western inspiration. it really is good geared up, very readable, and conveys a feeling of pleasure concerning the fabric covered.'
P. Allen in RFR/DRF, vol. 18, no. 1

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Op. , 587. 11. Ibid. 12. Variously spelled "Aisara" and "Aresas," the latter sometimes confused with a male of that name who was not the same as our Aesara. 13. Stobaeus (Meineke) Florilegium, 268. 14. v. " Iamblichus, Life of Pythagoras, 30 and 36. 15. Thesleff,op. , 123-4; Hercher, Epistolographi Graeci, 608. Translated by Vicki Lynn Harper. 19 2. Late Pythagoreans: Aesata of Lucania, Phintys of Sparta, and Perictione I MARY ELLEN WAITHE with translations and additional commentary by VICKI LYNN HARPER Aesara of Lucania, Phintys of Sparta and Perictione I can be distinguished from the early Pythagorean women who were members of Pythagoras' family and the original Pythagorean cults.

If she fails to fulfill these duties she creates disharmony. In an almost too literal sense, the elements of the household will no longer fit together. If she fails to promote the good of the whole, she will be like an enemy within the gate. What would be somewhat trite admonitions against extravagance and conspicuous consumption also take on renewed importance when we recall that harmonia is the highest virtue. 6. Idealism versus Pragmatism Comments by Vicki Lynn Harper Perictione's aim is to specify what it takes for a woman to be morally praiseworthy in an actual society, not what the role of women might be in some hypothetical, ideal, and vastly different society.

Law and justice, like the mind, are thoughtful in that good law and real justice take all relevant ideas, arguments, and principles into account. Moreover, good law, and particularly, true justice are judgmental: they make decisions about matters of fact and questions of obligation and duty. These thoughtful and judgmental characteristics of law and justice correspond to the operations of Aesara's rational mind. The strength and effectiveness of law and of the judicial system, as well as of familial rules and discipline, and personal principles and conscience, all correspond to the spirited part of Aesara's soul.

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A History of Women Philosophers: Ancient Women Philosophers 600 B.C. — 500 A.D. by Mary Ellen Waithe (auth.), Mary Ellen Waithe (eds.)

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