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Since the DBA is unaware how the host is configured, the DBA must consult with the VM administrator and ensure it is enabled. The last thing you want is for any process to take away memory from one of your SQL Server instances. Although this is the intended function of the memory balloon driver, you don’t want this to happen because it will have a negative impact on SQL Server performance. Over-allocation of Memory/CPU It’s OK to want to over-allocate your memory and CPU resources. What you don’t want is to have them over-committed because that’s where performance issues manifest themselves.

If you do decide to set up SQL Failover Clustering on a virtual environment, remember that it is clustered across different physical VM hosts. If you’re a DBA, it may seem that I am stating the obvious; nonetheless, I recently came across a client with multiple SQL Server instances that were clustered on the same VM host. This is an obvious single point of failure and defeats the purpose of a high-availability cluster, so be aware in your DBA travels. The virtualization debate, however, is beyond the scope of this book.

It is easier to blame that which you don’t know. SQL Server used to be, and still is in some respects, a black box to nondatabase professionals. Oftentimes, SQL Server will record an error message that is intended to lead you in the right direction as to where the bottleneck is located. The nondatabase professional will use this as “evidence” of database culpability, and end users will pile on. I will highlight some of these “blame game” antics throughout the chapter. ■■Caution Remember, the database is the usual suspect, so the DBA will be to blame.

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