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Mos97]. For specification languages in particular, acceptance by software engineers requires much more work on finding an appropriate compromise between purity and practicality, between expressiveness and simplicity of learning and use, and on the development of tools that provide truly useful support to the users of such languages. , a first sketch of the structure of a system or for describing standardized architectures as used in large application systems. One possible direction for future development to address this point is graphical representation of static and dynamic aspects of the system under development.

Master’s thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1992. [WDC+ 94] U. Wolter, K. Didrich, F. Cornelius, M. Klar, R. Wessaly, and H. Ehrig. How to cope with the spectrum of spectrum. Report 94-22, Technische Universit¨ at Berlin, 1994. [Wir86] M. Wirsing. Structured algebraic specifications: a kernel language. Theoretical Computer Science, 42:123–249, 1986. [Wir90] Martin Wirsing. Algebraic specification. In J. van Leeuwen, editor, Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. B, chapter 13, pages 675–788.

Samelson, H. W¨ ossner, and M. Wirsing. The Munich Project CIP. Volume I: The Wide Spectrum Language CIP-L, volume 183 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 1985. uckner, A. Laut, [BBD+ 81] F. Bauer, M. Broy, W. Dosch, R. Gnatz, B. Krieg-Br¨ M. Luckmann, T. Matzner, B. M¨ oller, H. Partsch, P. Pepper, K. Samelson, R. Steinbr¨ uggen, H. W¨ ossner, and M. Wirsing. Programming in a wide spectrum language: a collection of examples. Science of Computer Programming, 1:73–114, 1981. [BDD+ 92] M.

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